Pathfinder Encounters: Fey Court CR 3

Fey Court map
The forest of Tinder hosts a Fey Court once a month by the light of a new moon

In the darkness of a new moon in the forest of Tinder a circle of mushrooms grows each month.  The mushrooms sit in a clearing hidden by oaks and pine trees so only the trained eye can see the castle for what it is.  For that is the home of Elerith and her court.  They cross the boundaries at the right moment and rule the woods for that one night of every lunar cycle.  They drink of nectar and, if available, consume angel’s hair and baby breath in a show of great power.  It has been known that some mortals approach the circle seeking a boon from Elerith, though the mood of the entire court generally will decide the result of the request.  Some are never seen again while others return a month later to receive the items or information that they seek.  Such is the fickle nature of the Fey. 

Fey Court CR 3

The Fey Court is a nice little touch to add if you are going to be running wilderness adventures or you want to add a touch of intrigue to the game.  In this particular court it is actually a group of Fey that hold court secretly, actually mimicking and ridiculing the greater Fey Court of their own realm.  They come to the material plane and hold court for an evening at times killing, other times holding court in a civilised fashion.  These four creatures that make up the main court (you can add in tiny motes of light and minuscule winged creatures that come with them) are truly Chaotic and you should factor that in when your players deal with them.

There is a hierarchy to the group as follows;

Elerith: She is the high queen of the court and rightfully so.  She is the figure that the other three members of the court both fear and love.  They look to Elerith’s mood, which is at best changeable, and react accordingly.  Elerith is an Atomie;

Vulpin: He is totally in love with Elerith and seeks to make her happy at all times.  He is much more the rugged member of the court and often proves his capability at the expense of the other two fey court members, rough-housing often turning vicious and nasty in the blink of an eye.  He also has a tendency of treating “guests” roughly, and this may be an indicator that Elerith’s mood is turning unfavourable as no one can read her like Vulpin.  Vulpin is a Kitsune Sorcerer (note the statistic block has this as a female which needs to be changed to male and his alignment is CN);

Lord Hustle and Dame Bustle: Unfortunately the least respected of the fey court and often picked on this pair are siblings who are seeking to improve their lot in life by becoming part of Elerith’s court.  Nine times out of ten the pair is the butt of much derision though on occasion Elerith finds their company far more delightful than that of Vulpin and it is at this time that the Lord and Lady truly shine.  They seek the structure of the court but do not do well with the Chaotic nature of Elerith and Vulpin.  The pair hope to one day take over the court and plot against the pair.  Lord Hustle and Lady Bustle are Mites.

How to use the Fey Court?

Any way you want.  The beauty of the Fey Court encounter is that it can be any kind of encounter you wish it to be.  If you are looking for a combat encounter then Elerith is in a foul mood and demands blood to fill her chalice.  If you want to enamour the players with the beauty and strangeness of the fey world then have them party the night with the Fey Court only to wake up in the fairy ring in the morning wondering if it were all a dream.  Perhaps there is an investigation that the party is making that has a link to the fey world and this is one way to make contact and have questions answered.  The limits of the Fey Court are likely only limited by your own imagination.  I would love to hear details of people that put this encounter into action and tell me what shape their Fey Court takes in game!

Keep rolling!

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