Pathfinder Encounters: Abjuration College (CR 6)

abjuration college map
The classroom and office of Ol’ Bert the ethics teacher and collector of all kinds of knowledge

Lass, if you be looking for a person who knows about a hat that talks to you in your head then you need to head up to the Abjuration College by the Radiant City War Memorial.  Ask to see old Bert.  He don’t cast magic but he sits up there and teaches all them wannabe abjurers the ethics of what their power can do.  He taught near every one of the real magicians that now teach at the college and they all defer to him at times.  Ol’ Bert even helped me work out how to get the Bulette from out of my turnip patch.  Know’s just about everything about anything does Ol’ Bert.

If you are going to run a campaign where the players need to find obscure knowledge about items it is always a good idea to give them some kind of wise sage as an NPC that they can be friendly with.  Today I offer you Ol’ Bert of the abjuration college who does not use magic but knows so much that everyone tends to seek him out when they need help!

Pathfinder Encounters: Abjuration College (CR 6)

Ol’ Bert is an old school operator and he always expects to be paid for his information in return services or more obscure information.  This boils down to dealings with Ol’ Bert being a social encounter that allows the players a CR 6 XP award when Ol’ Bert gives up the information they are seeking.  This may involve the players having to find something for the sage to help his teachings at the abjuration college – and remember he is an ethics teacher so it must be flavoured that way.  It could also be some information about something that has caught his attention too.  It may just be the offer of a favour.  One thing is for certain though, Ol’ Bert never works for free.  Ever.

Use the statistics for the Wise Sage from the NPC Codex for Ol’ Bert and use him well.  This will often mean a change in pace for the game.  Layer on the personality for him.  You want the players to trust him and get to know him because he is an NPC that they should seek out a lot – especially if you are running a mystical or exploration style game!

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