Pathfinder Encounters: Bullfrog Birthday CR 9

Bullfrog map
A birthday present for one of my players!

You ever heard about them heroes that got rid of Winter from Golarion?  Well it appears that they are a bunch of pranksters.  The one they call Bullfrog got a card delivered by a treant from his mate the druid.  But you see, the card was trapped and when he opened it he found that it transported him to a private little plane tucked away filled with rooms in the shape of leaves and one gigantic birthday cake!

After wandering around a little looking for his friends and finding no one the Bullfrog flew to the top of the cake and lit the candle on it.  Last time he will ever take a card from the druid I expect because as soon as he did the cake erupted and out popped a Tyrannosaurus Rex for him to deal with.

Pathfinder Encounters: Bullfrog Birthday CR 9

If you think today’s encounter is a little quirky, you are right.  It happens to be one of my Reign of Winter players birthdays today and so I adapted the map (which I was thinking Elven settlement when I started) to the occasion!  I hope someone uses it, and:

Happy Birthday James!

Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus CR 9!

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  1. Awesome. You are brilliant Mark.

    I never warmed to that Druid…


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