Pathfinder Encounters: Torture Time CR 5

torture chamber map
The Torture Chamber where many screams are heard and sobs uttered

I have definitively lived a life full of wanton regret and abandon.  I have stolen from the richest, and the poorest of this wonderful city of Avram.  I have turned my back on the Guild and slaughtered children for a few copper.  My only regret was being caught by the Duke of Avram’s men.  You see, they had heard of me and apparently there was a special order on me for I had stolen the jewel that was to be used as the central setting for his intendeds engagement ring.  I had apparently lifted it from the jewelers Firth and Son.  It ws of utmost importance that I divulge the location of the ring as it had been blessed by the Goddess of Fertility in an important ritual.  I was immediately handed over to the torturer.

I had thought myself the lowest form of life in Avram but the moment I ws locked in the chamber with the rack, iron maiden, furnace and table full of all sorts of devices I wish I could now tell you I had no idea as to the use of.  I was locked in irons in the rack and then I saw him.  He was ogre sized at least I tell you and covered in black wiry hair from the top of his head to the tips of his toes.  He wore a leather apron and smelled of stale sweat, which was amusing because he sweated profusely and I wondered how it ever fell stale being so frequently replaced.  At one stage he had lost sight in one eye from a blade.  He did not hide the fact either, the milky white orb glaring at me all the time.

I knew him only as torturer and never made his acquaintance past that time.  Unusual in a city the size of Avram really.  But I suppose he does not get invited out much, if at all. What I can tell you of him is he loves his job.  So much in fact that he spent a good deal of time torturing me before he even said a word to me.  In between sobs I told him the name of the fence that I had offloaded the gem to and then the blighter tortured me for a much longer time.  I am certain it was for his own enjoyment.  I thought for certain that I would die that day but I was later dumped in the alley behind “Ye Proude Cockerel Inn” where the cook took me in for pity.  

I had survived the torturer and I immediately took any ideas of stealing from the Duke or any member of his family again.  In fact, you would be proud fair bard, I learnt to read just so I could learn the Duke’s genealogy so that I would never have the pleasure of that chamber again.  Mind you, I then had to deal with the beatings from the fence and his men, but that was pure pleasure compared to the time at the hands of the torturer.

Pathfinder Encounters: Torture Time CR 5

The torture chamber is the abode of depraved individuals and of course the torturer who must deal with them!  This is a handy little map to have and the link goes to the standard statistics for the torturer him/herself.  I do like the voice I used in the descriptive text above too so I think next weeks encounter may have something to do with him also!  Keep rolling.

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