Pathfinder Encounters: It’s A Trap! CR 8


Map of Pathfinder Encounter
The Path of the Faithful

Map for Pathfinder Encounter

There are devious ways to make an adventurer pay for poking around in your things my protege!  The Sun god is very protective of his artifacts and I know just ahead here is the ultimate test in keeping those of us that tread the path of the shadows awake and alive.

— Final Excerpt of Finnegas Fingers Trade Journal Found in Sun Temple

Pathfinder Encounter: It’s a Trap CR 8

Ever seen Indianna Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?  Remember right at the very start the good Dr. Jones makes his way through a circular room with bright light in the center?  Well, this is that trap designed for your Pathfinder game!  I dedicated this trap to the Sun God of my game and had written in celestial on the arch to the entrance the following;

The ignorant will walk in safety
For their end is doom enough
Those that seek to follow may pass
If they show humility and respect
For those that seek to stand with a God
Your safety will be assured
If you can run with the Sun

What the above notes is the triggers to the trap.  The thing that sets the trap off is the circular band of light immediately after the band of shadow, but before the pillar of pure light.  If this is broken the spear trap triggers, shooting out.  The spear trap has three spears set at four feet high, four and a half feet high and five feet high that strike out perfectly in the area of the “follower”.  The lines stating showing humility means that if they break that light by kneeling into it to pray (humble) then the spears strike above the follower.  If they move into the area without bowing to pray then they will be struck unless the character is of small size.

Moving in the shaded area around the side is very hard to do without triggering the trap.  It is an area only one foot deep and requires great concentration to edge around.  Any thing that enters the light of the follow will trigger the spears and affect any being in the shadow or follower area.  To make it around the edge requires an Escape Artist test as per the squeezing rules in the combat section.  The DC is 20 for this test and all qualities of a squeezing character need to be applied as per the rules for the attempt to be successful.

Any character that can move to the pillar of pure light (the center column) without breaking the light of the follower (e.g. via dimension door etc.) is safe.  If the character attempts to run to the center they will be two slow to reach it and will be caught by the trap.

Type mechanicalPerception DC 25; Disable Device DC 25
Trigger visual; Reset Auto – 3 rounds reset

Effect Atk +20 melee (3d8+15/×3)

I hope you enjoy it!  If you use it, please let me know how it goes!  Keep rolling.

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