Pathfinder Reign of Winter Game Needs Players!

Hi all.  My Reign of Winter game (an Adventure Path from Paizo for the Pathfinder line) that gets played on Google+ Hangouts needs a player or two!  That is right, I am blatantly asking for players via my blog as I am worried that this game is about to go under as one of my most experienced players called it quits over the holiday break, which is all good.

The first module!

I have existing characters if you are interested in taking on a pre existing character, like Shun the Halfling Monk (old halfling drunk who probably fights the style of the drunken monkey!).  Also there is a Human Paladin who worships the Dwarven god Torag and wields a massive hammer.  If neither are to your taste then we can certainly develop a new character for you.  I would ask that you have some experience in playing Pathfinder or D&D 3.5.

This game has been running for nearly a year now and it would be a shame to wrap it up at this point.  We play weekly (though when I am studying this becomes fortnightly) on Monday nights Australian time zone which means we are normally +10 GMT but being Summer time here in the Eastern states it is +11 GMT.  Games normally run from 20:00 through to 23:00 but can be shorter or longer dependent on the game.  They are played via On-Air events meaning they are broadcast live and are watchable via YouTube afterward.

We have covered so far the first two modules in the Reign of Winter adventure path being The Snows of Summer, and The Shackled Hut.  That means the story so far is the players were in a village when it got beset by unnatural winter.  The players investigate to find that a portal from the Winter Witches country (Irrisen) had been opened up, not only here but in many places in an attempt to take over the world of Golarion!  The players soon find that they must pass through the portal and shut it from the other side to shut that local portal.  As they go to do this they find a herald of Baba Yaga herself and take on a geas to free the Witch Queen Goddess who has been kidnapped possibly by the current Witch Queen of Irrisen.

The latest module!

The players made it through the portal and fought through the local witches tower to defeat her apprentice and close the portal.  The players then needed to travel to the capital of Irrisen, Whitethrone, and liberate Baba Yaga’s dancing hut.  Which in essence is what they did, after fighting two dragons and the witch whose tower that they shut the first portal in.  At last game they liberated the hut and have travelled somewhere new.

So that brings it to tonight’s game where the players begin their search for the next keys to take them to the next location where they are looking for Baba Yaga’s imprisoned place.  Keep an eye on the blog if you are interested and watch a game or comment on this post if you know you are interested and we will get a dialogue going for character creation!

Hopefully I will be talking to you soon 🙂  Keep rolling!


  1. Hi, It seems very unlikely but might you also have the PDF file of these modules?
    I’m very interested in obtaining those.

    Me 😉


    1. I do have the PDF files of these modules because I was a subscriber to the adventure path. The PDF’s can be purchased from Paizo’s web site at around $16 USD per module. Here is a link that puts you in the Reign of Winter AP that you can then buy the modules from.


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