Pick Me Up and Self Promotion

Woke up very early this morning.  Felt a little bad because I have pretty well run two TPK’s in three days and it is all of my own design.  Went out to the computer with the mind set of fixing up the adventure and thinking about trying a third time.  Turned to my Google+ feed and found that Fantasy Grounds is still a topic of major discussion across my feed.  Answered some questions for people, removed it and reinstalled it on Linux just to make sure I got one of the answers right and ate some toast.

Was feeling a little flat at the overnight offerings in my feed until around one of the last notices in my feed that has brightened me up and made me feel really good about myself…  Steve Russell had put this up publicly in his stream and tagged me.

Pick me up post about my new supplement
This gave me the pick me up I needed

My first ever professional product!  I can not be prouder than to say it is for Lords of Gossamer and Shadow either by the way!  I know that I have released stuff here, but that is not publisher approved and a lot of effort went in to these so I am proud.  It will be pay what you want as all the characters are the ones that are available on the website, though they have changed a little over the course of the editing process to make them more universally acceptable to the vision for the game and to fix a few duh! moments I had.  It is also handy having them all in one place!  I cannot tell you how long it took to get the posts from the website and put them into a word processor, then get the format right…

But enough about the doing.  Look above.  It is pretty and has my name on it.  Then, just when I thought the “Pick Me Up” was over I read the comments.

Comments gave me a pick me up too!
The comments made me feel even better!

The final comment from me simply says “Woot me!”  And I mean it.  Thanks for the great comments and the initial look at the product.  Just know there is one blogger who is about to keep working on a DCC product and a D&D adventure that will be grinning all day for the kindness!  Keep NOT rolling (it is Lords of Gossamer and Shadow after all)!


  1. Well done Mark.

    Don’t feel upset about TPK. I love a deadly RPG. If we hadn’t been ambushed due to our poor perception rolls, and if i had not rushed headlong into unexplored spaces,we would have made it through.

    Thanks for running games and may this book be the first of many.



  2. without the risk of PC death and TPKs the game loses a lot of its sense of adventure. Something easily won is worth little, but players will talk for years about the third party they had. The ones that finally made it. Trust me, my old group still talks about Queen of the Demonweb Pits from back in the ’80s. Took them five tries to finish it.

    As to getting your first stuff out there, no feeling like it! Congrats to you sir, and especially so debuting with a top notch 3PP like Rite Publishing!


  3. Just a note the PDF will be pay what you want the print version will have a fixed price, probably $19.99-$24.99


    1. Sweet, I did not know there would be a print version. I will be able to hold my work 🙂


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