Pitch Black

In preparation for another Riddick movie I watched Pitch Black last week.  My wife is keen to go but then got upset because she did not know I had watched it so we are sitting here,  a week later watching it again.  While she is being scared silly I thought I would work on tomorrows blog and at least theme it after Riddick.

Hopefully see the new movie tomorrow!

I like Riddick.  A lot.  I think it is a really cool, flavourful series of movies.  They are not the best movies in the world which is a tradition I think the new movie will follow.  But it is new and offers a different take on the cleaner version of this sci-fi take (which would be the Aliens franchise).  Riddick offers a dirtier universe to play around with.  It is far away from the clean cut corporation of Alien.  Riddick is like Alien set in a William Gibson kind of world.  Everything is bright and wonderful where the rich live but take even one step into an alley world and 95% of the world has gone to crap.  It is Bladerunner world in Alien universe (and yes, I realise there are connections).

Something very iconic about Riddick.

What I am trying to say is that Riddick is rough, but cool.  It has some great material to play with.  There has never been a Riddick RPG per se but there is certainly a lot of support out there for that particular idea.  There are a multitude of fan based sites supporting this idea.  I am sure that if you know anything about me where this post may be headed…

That is right, my flavour of the month is a bit of Riddick styled material. Certainly nothing that apes any of the actual movies but something inspired in a universe that is like this one.  I am going on distant memories from the Chronicles of Riddick but Pitch Black is nice and fresh in my mind!  Traveller should work well for the deadly world of Riddick.  It should be a nice way to inject some more interesting elements into the Merchant’s Rising campaign that I run every fortnight (though we did miss last fortnight) and it should also play well into the style of players that I currently have in the campaign.

Some great art and wallpapers out there for Riddick!

The crew have some way to go yet before clearing a lot of the debts that they are trying to get under control so some questionable cargos may come their way and then anything could happen.  Or perhaps I leave it until they actually hit a mis-jump.  They have been lucky a few times, and it is true that I have stuff planned for such an occasion.  Something that the Riddick universe may actually fit well in.

Either that or there is the chance that I could run a few sessions in FATE for Riddick.  It would be a great match for the system and possibly something that could become very interesting to play with.  I had for a while played with the idea of running my Traveller game in FATE but I have moved away from that idea.  Classic Traveller and I have circled each other, fought and for once I think I have won. I am quite fluent in most of the rules that I need to run the game and am well, with the extra special help of some good programmers, assisting to build some tools that will help a good deal with the wrestling I do with the rules.

Wallpapers 🙂

So, give me your ideas.  What is it about Riddick that appeals to so many of us?  Riddick movies have been OK but in another ten years they will still not be the movies we think of when someone says sci-fi.  It will still be Alien, Star Wars, heck even Starship Troopers (the original) rates better than Pitch Black!  Is it just that Vin Diesel really does have that much charisma.  I used to really dislike his movies, but that was before I watched any of them!  He has something that is so down to Earth.  He shares his time chatting with fans at times just via his webcam and that is cool.  I am very much a fan now.  Of course his Fast and Furious movies are the ones that are most up my alley (hmmm Fast and Furious FATE?).

Have any of you actually run a Riddick Universe campaign?  What style was it?  More Chronicles (i.e. a little bit supernatural/sci-fi or was it more Pitch Black?  Or even some combination of them both (after all the movie producers felt they were connected!  Do you have any great links to Riddick material or do you have any material you would like me to test out in a Riddick styled game?  One thing I can say is I am excited to see the next Riddick movie.  I am excited to inject a bit of Riddick in my games and most of all, I am keen to keep on rolling!  200th Post dedicated to my mate Vin eh?  Thanks for reading and keeping me typing!

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