Plays as Good as it Reads

I ran my first game of FATE tonight!  It was Rite Publishing’s The Demolished Ones by +Brian Engard  which I reviewed a few days ago and gave a five out of five rating.  I had to run it so I ran a Google+ Hangout for the game tonight (Sunday) from 7 P.M.  And it rocked!

Plays as good as it reads…

The players were +Dan Hall+Craig Vial+Lloyd Gyan+Eric M+Tom Tyson all of whom had played or read a FATE game before so got the idea and +Dave Morris who has never played or heard of the game before.  We got through maybe half to two thirds of the first act of the game over around two and a half hours play (we even had an awkward break in the middle as I had to pick up my daughter) but I could read it in their faces.  They loved this game.  Do not get me wrong, I am not saying I was an awesome GM (thanks +Fred Hicks for the bookmark, saved my bacon) but the system shone and this adventure that +Steve Russell offered up for review has them completely intrigued.

I can’t say too much because of the style of adventure it is but often games do not run as you imagine they would.  I am telling you that this one does.  It is running beautifully.  I have not had any worries from players about character creation and it is novel as they start to build their amnesiacs personalities up from some short player inspired ideas that flow into almost a singular high concept for them.

We had a fantastic time from the moment we leapt into the game and shared the idea.  I have taken a little bit of time along the way to help +Dave Morris come to terms with the rules and the concept of the game being a more to and fro collaborative storytelling rather than the GM does it all and you are along for the ride style!  I actually thought that when I had the chance to run FATE as a GM I would have a harder time with this but no, am loving this style in the game.  Admittedly, this game offers a slight variation from FATE Core itself but it is not insurmountable.

Seriously, if you haven’t got it yet, WHY?

I love this game, how you start by handing over the blank sheet and then the players build as they go.  They are beginning to ask about different parts of the sheet they have not yet touched and I just smile, or tell them they will find out later.  It is so intriguing for them as players and so satisfying for me to see their responses and work with them to get this story together!  And what a crew to do it with.  I am very happy with the players that have joined me for the ride.

There.  I have got it off my chest now.  +Dave Morris is very keen on FATE so he is off to visit Evil Hat and get a copy of the book.  The other players are all happy to continue the story and we will be back at it in a fortnight.  I still want to blurt it all out, but I won’t and never will.  It will be just our little secret when we finish the game and everyone can appreciate it for what it is.  I even resisted the urge to tape these sessions and put them on YouTube.  It is like me walking up to you when you have never watched the Empire Strikes Back before and me telling you at the start who is Luke’s father (assuming you watch them in the order they were made).  I just can’t do it.  If you want to find out do this…

  1. Find a FATE GM
  2. Point them to Rite Publishing’s site or Chronicle City
  3. Get them to buy the Print and PDF bundle OR just the PDF
  4. Play the game
  5. Love it.  I know you will.
  6. Then keep rolling!  

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