Plots for you to incorporate in your game this holiday

Hi all!  It is the quiet time of year for my games.  Everybody gets caught up in a bunch of other silly stuff when they should be role playing!  My online game is off until January as is my Cypher game.  That said, January is just around the corner so I can’t complain too much.  I thought, just to tide us all over I could give you all some totally original plot hooks that you could weave into your existing campaigns if you are lucky enough to be playing at this time of year…


All the elves in your campaign disappear.  They are found in a hidden base under forced labour by a tyrannical human hell bent on giving every child a gift.

A hero comes to ask for your assistance in stealing a spell book from the Wizard Christmas (the hero’s name is the Grinch).


A mysterious thread of computer code causes a miss-jump (or a fork if you are into transhumanism) that takes the players to a strange futuristic world where an army of tin robots battle a gigantic mouse with seven heads for access to a gateway of sweet and forbidden delights.

Whilst attending a festive function in a high tech marvel of a building just opened terrorists arrive and threaten to kill all unless their demands are met.


The players are family members who are scheduled to go on a holiday.  Their guardians decide to skip out early and leave to get some peace and quiet.  Thieves then begin to invade their home attempting to steal away with all the valuables and sell the players into slavery.

The players are whisked away into the Dreamlands by a series of three ghosts.  They seem to be trying to communicate with the characters about their behaviour, but is there something more sinister going on?


On the major festive day of the year, a giant worm-like creature erupts from parkland amongst revellers.  The supers dispatch the beast only to find the Blue Carbuncle (a well-known superhero) caught in its throat!  How did he end up there?  The players are employed to find out if it was foul play.

In the backyards of suburbia, James has created the largest snowman he had ever thought possible.  Unfortunately for James the snowman comes to life and starts to destroy the city.  Can the heroes stop the carnage?

The evil giant snowman…


Daemons are loosed into the net.  Their mission is to destroy all festive material on the net.  Can the Daemons be defeated as they hold Christmas to ransom?  Can the players find out who started the attack and bring them low?

The expert hacker Snowflower is warning the underground of a new threat on the streets.  A mysterious figure on the grid, King Winwealth, has appeared.  Well-known street names are disappearing every time the King makes a declaration.  What is happening in the dark of the streets?


The players discover a cache of millions of black block like material inside red cotton material tubes.  Inside a hidden vault, they find a mechanical man writing out two lists but there are no names on one list and millions of names on the other.  What could it be and where will it lead?

A small drifter child sells fire sticks in a market near the players.  She is poorly prepared for the nano storms coming in at this time of year and seems oblivious to the dangers ahead of her.  Do the players assist her or let her face the nano-storm alone?

Keep rolling!



  1. I don’t recognise all the references, but this made me chuckle. A few of these I’d especially love to play in (or even run)


    1. Some of the references are a little obscure but it was fun writing it.


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