Preparing in Roll20 for L.U.G.Con

I have been a bit quiet on here recently and it is largely due to one thing.  L.U.G.Con!  If you are new to my blog, or if you have been hiding under a rock and still don’t know what L.U.G.Con is go here for my blog on the matter, here for the G+ community for L.U.G.Con or if you are still sadly hanging on to Facebook as a social tool click here for their page!

How I love thee, let me count the ways

I am running 4 games at L.U.G.Con and all of them will be run on the roll20 interface and that has meant a lot of preparation for me over the past week and still lots of preparation for me to come.  I started work on the Pathfinder game I am presenting (I am presenting it twice, a horror story set in Rite Publishing‘s Land of Kaiden).  I am almost done with the roll20 preparation though need to make a few more tokens up for the game and then build some macros for the characters.  Which actually means I need to make the characters!  I have got my maps all on and almost perfectly aligned (thanks to this Wiki entry from the roll20 team) and now I just have to read the module over and over again.

I then have to move on to creating the maps (and adventure yet for my game) for Edge of Space and my game Detritus.  So I have a busy week coming up.  That said though I have to say that using roll20 gets easier evrey single time I go back to it.  For a web interface it is surprisingly easy to use and intuitive too.  I have worked out how to make tokens in no time at all that look fantastic in GIMP and then transferring them is so easy!  If I was any sort of artist I would be making token and map packs to sell at the store, but unfortunately my artistry occurs with words rather than with paint.

Edge of Spaaaaaaaaccccccce!

I had hoped to get into the API material before I went to L.U.G.Con and have a play but my real life jobs have been very busy also.  This has kept me focussed on just the basic level material for the time being.  I have only one game in the coming week to run so I may yet get some time to play but I am not holding my breath.

If you are yet to get yourself a roll20 account I strongly urge you to do so.  The sophistication of the interface and the constant improvements are fantastic and if you do not want every bell and whistle, it is free!  I will say this though, of all the players that game with me online, a fair percentage of them have now made the decision to support roll20 financially as they can see what a wonderful system it is and want to see it developed further.

So I am sorry about the silence on the blog but gearing up for L.U.G.Con is consuming my time at a great rate.  I am play-testing the adventure for Detritus on Monday with my in-person group and it will be the first full game play-test that I have run for it.  As I want it to impress my players I am running it in conjunction with roll20 and I will be video taping the event, hopefully for upload to YouTube though as we are playing it in a work environment it may not include the entire play time.

There are still spots in my games, and I added an American time friendly version of the Pathfinder game if you want to sign up.  The other games will be late (probably 3 A.M. or thereabouts) for those in the America’s but in the morning for Europe and the like.

I hope to see some of you there!


  1. It is an Indie game that got Kickstartered. The system is tiny, in fact the module is bigger than the actual game rules. Very rules light, Alien fan game.


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