A while back Cameron Corniuk, one of our Authors at RPG knights talked about using props for games. I always thought that was a really neat idea. Give the players something physical to hold onto (this is what you find, here you go). I decided that I wanted to start to implement that into my games. This will help enhance the experience for my teen players.

Potion bottle props
Cool little potion and poison phials

I’ve already got my dungeon tiles which give a nice visual effect but combine it with props, now that will set the game to a new level. I had a friend of mine ask me once “Why do you do all this. You have to make all this and lug it around with you. I wouldn’t do all that and if I did I would just use a grid map” I don’t remember if I gave him a good explanation or not. My reply was probably “just because” or something like that.

Why do I go through all this trouble? Well one reason, honestly I just get a thrill out of making/collecting things that will go well with the game. It makes me feel like something I can be proud of. You know the whole spiel about making something with your own two hands. Two, the wow factor, every time I bring my things to the table the kids go wow that’s so cool, or hey you’ve added “fill in the black” It helps build imagination and creativeness.

Key prop
An awesome ornate key

First thing I knew I had to get was a treasure chest. I went to Hobby Lobby and got me one that was 7in x 5 1/2in x 4 1/2in (L x W x H) for 5$. It’s not quite to scale, but it’s to symbolize the real thing. The wood was kind of a whitish color so when I got home I painted it up to look more like a treasure chest. First I base coated it black, then painted over it with a dark brown, then went back over it with a light brown. I think it came out really nicely.

Now you can’t have a treasure chest without coins. I knew where I was going to get them, the Dollar tree store, but they don’t sell them anymore. At least they don’t at the location I go to. So I think I’ll go try Party City and see if theirs look ok. I’ve got some metallic paint to paint them with. That way I can also have silver and copper coins as well as gold.

Chest prop
A cool little treasure chest

I’m also going to need to get a pouch to put some money in it, amongst other things. Also at Hobby Lobby I found some glass vials and I said to myself “that would be perfect for potions/poisons. A key is another good prop to have. “You find a key to a hidden door, a treasure chest, take the cell keys from the guard” etc.

Of course making maps and letters to give the players is a must. Maybe even make a cool, old spell book. My search to find props begins, off to the craft stores I go. Do you use props for your games? What cool and unique things have you found? Do your players appreciate them? Let me know what happens at your table.

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