Queen Euphoria is Drawing to a Close

Last night I snuck a game of Shadowrun in and it was just the break I needed from building the store.  I never for an instant thought that building the store would be a task I would have issues with, but man it was good to get a game in last night.  not to mention beyond that fact was the players were back on form and did really well last night.  Some good role playing, a number of diverse scenes and only a couple of combats rounded out what I felt was one of the better games we have had since starting Shadowrun.

The players are on to the second run in the Queen Euphoria module and last night began in earnest trying to find who has kidnapped Euphoria from her apartment.  The apartment looked like Freddy Kruger on steroids had visited the building and among the slashed up body parts the keen nose and keen eyes of another managed to spot a bit of Amber Gel, or something very similar to it.  Then they also found a sim-sense recording that had them all a little on edge by the time it was fully watched (it took two goes).

With Vincent Burroughs high on their list of suspects and a not so local bar to visit they did a great job of gathering information and the decker finally owned the Matrix, making a brief visit to the Strice Food company site and bringing down the CPU.  He made a fair bit of coin out of it too, if he can find a fence in time before the data he procured becomes yesterdays news.

At the bar they even managed to detect the barman knew something and returned that night to abduct and influence (read torture) him to give up the goods.  The goods he gave up were not exactly what they expected as they find out that the barman is just a bit of a coward and was just trying to keep his own shame from seeing the light.

Can you direct me to the nearest picnic basket?
Can you direct me to the nearest picnic basket?

After the bar the group decide on two actions.  First, they need to honour an appointment the Decker made with Burroughs whilst in the system, and secondly they need a shopping spree to go into the sewers that were implicated by the bartender.  We finished the night with the visit to Burroughs.  Failing to convince him to admit to anything and also feeling that he may be telling the truth they decide to “question” (read abduct and torture) him further.  but before they can get to him a spirit, like that of a giant ant materialises and attacks Burroughs.  Bulk, the physical adept troll, got a couple of strikes at it but found it too tough while Big Mal (the “Face” of the group) tried to push Burroughs out of the way only to be deflected by the spirit itself.

Surprise round down and ant spirit unharmed, I called it for the night – left on a cliffhanger.  Next week we return to the fight and see what happens from there.  I think they are pretty well close enough to the end now to say that this module will end next week.  The players got a sense of unease from last night’s game and so I think they will enjoy (relatively considering the possible end) the way it flows, if they choose that path.  Thanks for reading, keep rolling!


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