Reign of Winter Game 10 LIVE!!! 8 P.M. AEST

Here is the next instalment folks.  Streamed live at 8 P.M. Australian Eastern Standard Time and then linked to my YouTube account for you to watch at your leisure…

Mind you we had major technical issues that was resolved by me moving to a different location and it is likely that the on air hangout crashed early in the piece missing half the game.  So watch with the idea that you may actually miss the main action!  Sorry!  Read below the video for what happened when we reconvened.

The battle that had just started was almost as far as we got as the internet problems I was having managed to cut about an hour or so out of the game.  What happened was a pretty brutal battle actually that stretched for many rounds.  below are the dot points…

  • Amaron enlarged Corbyn making him the main target for the guards
  • Corbyn got dropped by some decent crossbow work from the guards
  • Amaron got flaming hands by the innkeepers wife Katrina
  • Corbyn got back up just and almost immediately fell but made it up with three hit points
  • The main antagonist (Sgt. Volane) leapt onto a table to try and take Corbyn on.  Corbyn stepped back and hit him into next week 
  • Nadya took care of the Katrina and then moved on to the innkeeper (Emil) hitting him repeatedly with one point damages.  She would have hit him around 11 times in the combat before she finally finished him off
  • Corbyn got knocked down again by a crossbow bolt
  • Urgunn and Shun essentially polished off the remaining guards only to have one manage to escape.
The group then headed back to Nadya’s to get their gear and see if they could get Hatch the house Domovoi to help them when they got there.  Urgunn rolled a natural 20 with an assist from Corbyn to make the little Domovoi appear.  And that is where we left it.

Urgunn made third level (and I realised they were expected to be third level before making it to Waldsby).  This makes her the highest level character in the game!  Well done +libby furr 🙂

Hopefully next week will not be as fraught with problems and the whole night will get recorded!

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