Reign of Winter Game 8

Had some serious issues with the IT last night.  One player could not access my server, another had intermittent connection issues all night and another player also had minor connection issues.  It took us an hour just to get to the point where we could play.  I was trying some troubleshooting myself and was leading the player that could not get on the FG server to add some files to his campaign folder but while he was turning his hidden files on for me he said he was going to restart.  I should have stopped him as it practically wiped all his app data and he was out for the night.  I feel very bad about this – totally my fault.

In the end we decided to game and the players made their way back only to find the once friendly Div’s had their mind on making their trip a little more difficult than they had planned.  This turned into a massive battle that lasted most of the game.  It did show some really good tactics and thinking from the players that really impressed me.


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