Reign of Winter: Maiden, Mother Crone Game 9

I have to offer my apologies to those that normally watch our game.  This Monday last when I attempted to set up an on-line hangout that would record to my YouTube channel the system flatly refused to create one so you will need to accept this dot point coverage of what occurred in game this week!

They are close to finishing this module!

  1. The players finished off the flag stone counting Night Hag and rested up for the evening.  In this encounter they found a message flask that mentioned something about an Eon Pit being the location of the other key for them to find and place in Baba Yaga’s cauldron in the Dancing Hut.  They spent a bit of time talking about what this may be.
  2. Awakening they moved into an area that had a petrified forest and found a 6 armed 3 faced female warrior that caused them all sorts of bother in combat, especially the Paladin.  They managed to finish her off though.
  3. They moved to the next room and realised they had been here before (they had fought the witchfire creature in this temple) and made their way along the only corridor they had not explored from this room.  they came to a locked door and realised that one of the keys Jadrenka had given them opened the door.
  4. This room was a mausoleum to the 10 previous guardians of Artrosa.  A statue of each was present in the room and to wax sealed crypts to match them were present.  They searched around and found nothing of interest so our intrepid Dwarf, Urgunn decided to open one of the doors after the rogue/mage Dynus declared there was no trap on it.  Unfortunately there was a trap and Urgunn succumbed to a curse as she triggered the two Ghost Barbarians with Ghost Touch weapons that assaulted the group. It turned into another hairy fight that they managed to overcome but the group is looking battered and bruised.
  5. Finally they travelled along a passage that seemed to be heading somewhere new (it isn’t, it connects to a passage they never fully travelled down) and came across the rear end of a Frost Giant crouched in the passage.  We left the game at that point and will come back to it in a fortnight to see what happens with the Frost Giant encounter.  
  6. The experience award from the game and the week before when I crashed out has allowed them all a timely level up!
Again, apologies for the video failure.  Keep rolling!

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