Reign of Winter The Frozen Stars Game 10

Hi everyone!  I hope you can come and watch us play tonight but I also have a confession to make.  I ran The Frozen Stars Game 4 twice.  That means that although if you are following numerically on the blog this “should” be Game 9 but in actuality it is game 10 and so I decided to fix that issue and put it up as the proper game number.

What does that mean?  Nothing really for you, perhaps a little bit of confusion if you are a devout watcher and I apologize for that.  What does it mean for me?  It means all my OCD impulses are back in place and I will be able to rest that tiny bit easier tonight.

Anyhow, the game starts a tiny bit after 8 P.M. Australian Eastern Standard Time and I hope you stop by during or afterwards to watch via YouTube a little later.  Keep rolling!

Reign of Winter

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