Return of Rise of the Runelord Game!

The in-person group tonight resumes but instead of myself at the GMing helm it is Cameron coming back to run the final part of we be goblins and hopefully we will move into the second module of the adventure path.  Having finished The Wormwood Mutiny last week I sat down with the two spell-casters of the group earlier today and handed out the treasure.

Cameron has been busy reading this week…
It is a funny feeling I currently have as tonight I am not GMing and am back to a player in the in-person game.  I think it has been around 8 months since this has been the case and as a compromise to some of the troubles we had a few weeks ago.  I had actually been thinking of going a module on and a module off.  I have spent today wandering around and doing jobs at home that I would normally not have the time to do because of preparation and the like.  

The other thing that is different tonight is that I am going fully technological!  A couple of months ago I saw Hero Lab character sheet come out for iPad so I got it.  I was then sorely disappointed to find out that you could not alter or create sheets on the iPad and you needed to buy the Hero Lab program for the computer.  Over time I got worn down though as I have not been able to find a decent, free online character sheet that I trusted.  So I bought the program and then over time nearly all the little bits and pieces for the program to function with all of my books.

Once Hero Lab was fully functional I decided to test it with Coltyn, my halfling summoner and Grellyk, his eidolon.  It was quick to put together and calculated everything I needed.  It also had all the equipment and items I needed so I transferred it to my iPad to see how the sheet would turn out.  In an answer, great!  Not only that the character sheet contains a dice roller for every nuance that you need to roll.  So tonight I have made the decision to go fully technological.  No dice, just the iPad with Coltyn and Grellyk on it.

It costs, but in my opinion it is worth it…

Tomorrow I plan on releasing two blogs.  I have been working on one that has to do with gaining inspiration for creating games using local folklore or mythology, but I am in the process of researching more material for this.  I will also report back on the adventure from tonight and talk about how it went, how I felt playing for a change and also on how I liked the iPad app for hero lab.  I have to say, I was dead against Hero Lab when I had to buy the rules for a third time!  But I can not fault it so if you don’t mind the little bit of extra expense in picking it up, grab it.  It is reliable and as far as core material goes, fantastic to use.  I do wish some of the third party stuff was more widely available though.  Until tomorrow keep rolling!

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