Returning to the Lands of Kaiden

I have a mate in America (I want to make a snarky comment but I know most of my readers come from the good old lands of the USA) who has never played Pathfinder and expressed an interest in doing so. I have decided to take one on the chin and run a game for him on a when I can basis.  I offered him the choice of traditional Western style fantasy or Samurai based fantasy.  He opted for the latter which I was very happy about.

From the Kickstarter page

I am now turning my attention back to Rite Publishing’s Kaiden setting again for a place to set the game.  I could have gone Golarion’s own Tian setting but I think there is a certain authentic atmosphere that Kaiden brings across.  Plus it melds lots of nice supernatural trickery into the system which I have a tendency to lean toward.

Now I am not going to openly broadcast on my blog what I am going to use for the game as I do not want to tip my players off but I feel it is time to go for the heart of the setting and educe the true core of this series of world books.  Kaiden is a very Japanese style setting that has strong links to the supernatural history of the nation.  It is a world of deep, dark spiritual connection and danger set amongst one of the strongest caste settings that existed from a historical perspective.

So why did I mention this if I am not going to go into glorious detail about what books and rules I am using?  Well it is to offer up one, maybe two places in the game.  I have two confirmed participants and offered places two two more.  One of these has responded with a provisional yes and I am yet to hear from the other.  I am nice and comfortable with a party of four to six players so I am opening it up to anyone that is interested in playing this style of game.

The game will run as I can GM it but that will entail me suiting it to USA timeframes.  I will run it on my Sunday morning which should be the USA’s afternoon to evening.  Sorry Europe. It will be your early early morning.  So if you are interested in joining the Samurai Surge, hit me up in the comments!

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