Reviewing 30 Mercenary Companies

I have come across one of the best little books that I have seen for my Pathfinder Campaigns in a long time.  It is called #30 Mercenary Companies written by Liz Smith and released by Rite Publishing.  It suits my game down to the ground as I have not yet really taken the time to develop any mercenary companies for my games and so this slots in perfectly.

The cover

Forget what you know about mercenary companies too!  I love some of the companies that are presented here as they are so inventive.  A mercenary company full of summoners for example!  I never would have thought of that and I would have stayed with the grizzled veteran stereotypes that most people immediately think of when they think of mercenaries.

The book is precisely what it says on the cover.  30 mercenary companies set out in a standard format that have interrelations and rivalries in some.  All of them would be great to take straight out of the book and drop straight into a running campaign.  The format of the companies I love as there is a section that allows information about the company to be revealed based on (I am assuming but it is what I would do) a Knowledge (Local) check.  Directly after that there is a paragraph or two of personal text direct from someone in the unit so you can get a feel for the group.  These are all excellently written and provide a great deal of information for the GM.

Finally, the artwork in this book is beautiful and plentiful.  The art is Public Domain and they have done a brilliant job in sourcing such a finely themed group of artwork for this booklet with an image practically on every page.

There is nothing more to it.  This is a brilliant collection of mercenary companies and it is a book that I will use over and over again.  I cannot recommend it more at the grand old price of $2.95 USD you should all go get a copy right now.  I give this book 5 out of 5 crossed swords.  Keep rolling!

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