Reviewing Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Gossamer Worlds: Empyrea

These world source books are a great little addition to the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow because they are short, descriptive and interesting.  They make me want to read them and Matt Banach keeps me wanting more from every one of his little gems.

Empyrea is a Grecian styled world with a self styled all-powerful ruler.  This ruler has seemingly been experimenting with the subjects of his domain by introducing nanotechnology genetic serums to make them become super-human.  The serums are also likely to be reducing the ability for the normal people of the domain to be able to manipulate magical forces.  Of course that does not stretch to the tyrants own children.
The Cover

Of course I make it sound very sinister and it is not necessarily the state of things.  The domain has many beautiful, powerful individuals and is surprisingly high tech though much of this technology is well hidden from view.  The world is bright and beautiful and many impressive excesses can be experienced here.

The ruler of this world is not a Lord of Gossamer yet.  He has only recently become aware of the existence of the Grand Stair and his first encounter with a Lord did not end well.  So much so that the door into the world is kept secret and it can be quite a hostile place for people that are unknown.  There is a great deal of technical and mystical surveillance on the populace and unknowns tend to be quickly identified and then they are closely watched.

I love this book for its connections to the idea of Olympus and some nice mythological additions that are built in both with sorcery and technology.  The rules are basically invisible in this book with the standard domain table being included as the final portion of the book.

The material is very easy to read and the book will likely be devoured in under ten minutes.  The details hide a lot of hooks for adventures and provides a good detail of the atmosphere of the world to include in the games that you run with a connection to this world.  It is an interesting place to visit and a world that I had not really considered previously for my own game but who knows, it may well be a place my players will be visiting in the future.  Get this book for your game, it is well worth it.  4 out of 5 bunches of cyber harpies!  

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