Reviewing Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Gossamer Worlds: Verse Arcanum

+Matt Banach is back with another Gossamer World and this is one of my favorites.  Gossamer worlds full of fantasy tropes and wizard towers.  I have created a similar one in my own Grand Stair and it was quite nice to see the details that Matt picked up on with Gossamer World: Verse Arcanum.

The Cover

I have to say that the writing in these little source books keep getting better and better.  I even have a favorite passage from this one that reads “would produce inevitable and acrimonious conflict between covetous claimants”.  Such an awesome descriptive passage and the little book packs these in all the way through giving a layered, textured feel to the world.

I especially like the approach given in here of how many of the Gossamer Lords and Ladies have infiltrated this realm and that they are seen as a threat by the local denizens.  They are disgusted by the gaudy towers erected by these interlopers and some of the denizens even have the power to do something about them.  I especially like the narrative characters discussion on his own tower and I can see the point of the natives.

This is a world filled with elves, dwarves, humans.  There is a touch of Tolkien, a bit of Asgaard and even the fey realms to keep you on your toes.  I even think there may be a tongue in cheek reference to disc world in this one if you can find it.

This one is a nice little fun romp into fantasy.  It has some beautiful descriptions in it and the art suits it fantastically as well.  Great work Matt Banach, I look forward to your next one.  If you are looking for inspiration have a look at my NPC’s and steal a world from there 🙂  That would be awesome!  Anyhow, everybody buy this book.  It is fantastic.  5 out of 5 missing dice!

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