Reviewing Lords of Gossamer and Shadow: Lucien’s Guide: The Black Files

Released last Thursday this is the latest supplement to hit the LoGaS line.  Written by Rob Donoghue this source book offers up some of Lucien’s (a major NPC of the Grand Stair) secretive and darker files that point to dangers or threats on the Stair that are little known.  The cover of this book grabbed me as soon as I saw it and I was delighted to finally get my hands on this gem.

The book is broken up into a selection of files and they are largely themed to items and worlds that may have been affected by Typhonians at one time or another.  The preface to the book talks about how many people attribute a lot to the effects of the Typhonian’s and also talks about a possible Typhonian “event” that may have occurred.  This makes for a really interesting introduction and gives some great insight into possible genesis events of the Grand Stair, even perhaps the purpose of the Stair.

The Cover

There is a new mechanic introduced in this booklet that I have gotten excited about too.  The mechanic is attached to domains and expands them to include “realms”.  Now a realm means that you can expand the scope of your domain to perhaps include other realities (like perhaps an astral realm, a fey realm etc) all overlaid to the current world.  It would also suit the idea of different planes as set out in most fantasy RPG’s.  Also there is the option here to include interstellar communities and realms.  This is worth the price of the book alone!

The book is very piecemeal by design.  It contains compartmentalized information and it is very clear where sections start and end.  It is a good format and one that I hope they return to, perhaps giving out more of the “Black Files” in the same format.  As a format it also gives the GM the idea on how to and what to write in this way for their own adventures.  I can already see my NPC Fambol the Kind trying to get his hands on as many of these as possible.

The art work is incredible and really adds some great visual prompts to the files being discussed.  My absolute favourite is the picture of Tyran the Demon God.  Check it out as he looks like a horrifying school girl with pigtails.  I love it.  It is possibly not the effect sought after but it made me giggle like a schoolgirl with pigtails and so it is my favourite picture followed by the image of Sophia.

So, after writing all of that I can see that I have had nothing bad to say at all about the book.  Well then, it is obvious that my summary is about to say GO GET THIS BOOK.  Lucien’s Guide: The Black Files is another top quality addition to the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow dice-less role playing game and I give it 5 out of 5 horrifying school girl’s with pigtails!  What are you doing still reading.  Go get the book!

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