Reviewing Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Worlds: Brokeworld

Another world submitted to the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow collection known as Brokeworld.  This  addition comes from Matt Banach and had me very interested in it soon after reading the first few details of the source book.

This world is a dumping ground where many other Gossamer worlds rubbish is deposited.  I like this idea a lot because it is the basis for my own game that I am developing known as Detritus (you can find posts about it on this blog).  I was excited to see that this idea was included here for Lords of Gossamer and shadow so read on with my interest piqued.

The Cover

There are some interesting details to be found here but I was very disappointed to find the book end after only a few short pages.  A world that has such possibility with the possibilities of numerous interesting locales and theories as to why things end up there, but there is little to find here in that regard.  The book finishes with the mandatory domain details but in my opinion this realm could have been so much more.

There are some nice touches like how the original inhabitants of the realm are becoming more and more disfigured as well as the Gremlins.  They are a really nice addition to the world as well as the possibilities listed for the rest of the Grand Stair.

So, in summary you will get a short source book that has a lot of potential though much of the potential is lost with too few details.  Of course, as a GM this gives you the opportunity to fill it with everything you want but I just can’t help but want more from this book.  Overall I give it three huge mounds of rubble out of five.

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