Reviewing Lords of Gossamer and Shadow Worlds: The Nightmare Kingdom

My third and final review for the day!  Again, a nice little compact Worlds book that offers us another reality to read up on.  This time it is in the realm most voted to Go Bump In The Night by Sunnydale High School.

The Cover
The Nightmare Kingdom is a world straight out of 1980’s USA horror.  Why 1980’s? Well it is the golden age of Horror apparently!  That is right, this kingdom can conjure up most any horror scene that you can remember from slasher flicks to poltergeists to slime that lives in your fridge.  
I will be honest here as this is not my favourite of the Worlds.  It has some nice detail and offers a decent read but it leaves me a little cold and that may be a personal thing.  I love my horror and designing a kingdom based on horror flicks of the Eighties and Nineties maybe just makes me a little non affected.  On top of this there is added a mechanic to see when a character is scared.  I really do not overly enjoy this approach to horror but it may be something that you are interested in.

If it helps, there is actually an allusion that the ruler of the domain (this changes often) could actually be from a Gossamer world like Earth at that time though there is no real proof of that.  The things that I do like about this though are the detailing of the ruler and his boogeymen.  They also discuss the chief Boogeyman and I like those ideas.

It is a novel but limited concept to me.  The hooks in this book are a little more shallow than in the other offerings for my table.  If I were to use this book it would be twisted into my own perspective of a horror game, probably with the same ruler but a much different atmosphere.

The writing is quality and easy to read.  There are some more appearance of rules in this one aside from the obligatory realm documentation at the end.  believe me, at the price, this is still worth it just for the ruler and the Boogeymen ideas it contains but the rest just fell a little into the mundane for me.  It just felt as if this was a stretch for a Gossamer World, no matter how infinite.  I give this one two out of five monsters under the bed. 

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