Roll Call of the Dead – DCC Funnel

Last night saw the end of the DCC Funnel and at next playing the survivors will all be level 1 somebodies rather than level 0 nobodies.  One of the players (rightfully so) was upset at the fact that he had not received gravestones for his characters that were now dead so he could not show them off to the Google+ community.  So of course I rectified that today and handed to the players their own gravestones to share as they will.  But I also thought, as a bit of nostalgia, we would share them here as well as a mausoleum or memorial if you will.

If you scroll through the lot and pay homage to these would be heroes there is a reward at the end…

Mausoleum of the Golden Tyrant King

Angel Axilade Boris Celedal Connie Ethel Fimin Guyver Horj IamDaHunta Jakratir Kholi Thrombeel Vakratir Wanda Wheesy WheesyGoat


The Surviviors

That is correct, the ones who made it through are your reward.  Scroll down to see the luckiest of the would be heroes who now move on to become great heroes of the land…

Surviving cast members images
The role call of heroes

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