RPG A Day 10: How has gaming changed you?

Changed me?  That is a question I really do not think I am able to answer.  I can’t really remember me before I was gaming.  I started gaming when I was eleven and I am forty-four now.  Gaming has not so much changed me as defined who I am.

I was forged by games…

The facts

When I started gaming my parents were concerned.  Far from being religious, they had heard that roleplaying games (RPG) were bad for you.  They encouraged bad behaviour and evil tendencies.  They took their concerns to my grade 6 teacher, Mr Swanston.  He told them this.

The moment your son began to play these games his schoolwork improved.  He is reading better and his mathematical skills have gone through the roof.  It would be a great disservice to your son to stop him playing these games.

Those are the facts about how gaming changed me.

Changed or defined?

I really cannot remember a time before gaming.  Coincidentally my birthday is the date given for the birth of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).  The twenty-sixth of January nineteen seventy-four.  Does that mean I was destined to play these games?  I am not sure but I do find it a cool coincidence.  Coincidentally, I only found out that fact a year or two ago!  Games are who I am largely.  All of my friends pretty much ask me if I have been gaming much lately instead of asking how I am.  The answer to that question tells them the answer to how I am also.


So, apart from the facts, there is no other answer to this question.  I am a gamer through and through.  It defines me and my choices in life.  It did not change me, it made me.  Keep rolling!

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