RPG A Day 11: Wildest character name?

I do not have a lot of character names in my stable.  I am more of a non-player character (NPC) guy as I rarely play.  I don’t know what it is about this one but it feels like it should be about a player character name.  There are two that come to mind and neither are really wild, though both capture the characters.

Naron Leafbreeze

windling archer
Naron Leafbreeze, Windling Archer

I am fairly widely known to use the name Naron as my pseudonym online.  Though my son has just stolen one of my accounts (Naron5 for PlayStation).  Naron Leafbreeze was my windling archer in the Earthdawn game.  One of the players in my campaign wanted to run some sessions so I created Naron Leafbreeze.  He was an Archer Adept who was flighty and in love with nature.  But when a target presented itself he was all business.  “Naron” was the business side and “Leafbreeze” was all about his spirit.  I loved his character and enjoyed him so much he became a full-on NPC when I took the reigns of the game back on.

Dodger Trueflight

dodger trueflight
How I envision him

Just before I get into too much description, this name is the name of my new PlayStation account (DodgerTrueflight) so add me if you want to game!  Dodger Trueflight was the name of a Paladin I had in the second edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D).  I wanted him to be a true paladin and boast about all of his achievements.  I felt that this would make his companions feel that he was dodgy.  hence his first name.  But at heart, he is a true paladin and always did the right thing.  He was someone you could trust and hence his surname of “Trueflight”.  He always used to arrive in taverns and tell them the tales of Dodger Trueflight saving the land with a little bit of help from his underlings.  It always got a bite from the other players.


On the whole, if a character really matters in my game and I have done a bit of design, their name will tell you a story about them.  I do rely on name generators for NPC’s that appear on the fly, or if they are minions in the game I will have a list of names available.  But true companions, henchmen and the masterminds will always have something to tell you from the moment you meet them.  Look to their name and some enlightenment will come!  Keep rolling!

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  1. I had an NPC named Athyana Fatina. She was a barbarian/ ranger 1/4 orc, 1/4 elf, 1/2 human. She had the temper of an orc, but the elven love of nature


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