RPG A Day 12: Wildest character concept?

I do not really do wild.  I do smart and involved.  So coming up with the wildest concept is a pretty hard thing to do.  I will have to go with unusual I think.  I have designed a character.  A non-player character who will come to be one of the most feared of all my creations.

He comes bearing gifts

A friend from a forgotten world…

A lost family member arrives unannounced.  He brings great news to the land and offers great gifts and hope.  Ancestors are reunited and a world of wonder, so very close to the land itself, opens up.  Many people rush to embrace the new and wonderful world that they had assumed was destroyed forever.  But this first visit is a plan.  A plan to seed vengeance on a world that had turned their back on him.  He has read a prophecy and believes that he is that prophecy come to life.

A necklace of power

Hidden among his robes of office a small necklace lays.  It attracts that which will destroy those who turned from the true path.  He hides it carefully and calls to its slave in times of quiet.  By the time it arrives, it will be too late to stop him and his plans to rise again will be complete.  His wildest plan will bring him the power he needs.

Why so bloody cryptic?

Well, in actual fact, the game this guy is a part of has not happened yet.  My players read my blog.  Cryptic and loose is all I am going to be with this guy!  I have given some nice hints here though and eventually, they may come to appreciate the hints I have given!  Perhaps he will be the wildest character I have loosed.  Who knows?  Until then, keep rolling!


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