RPG A Day 15: Describe a tricky RPG experience you enjoyed

I really tire of repetition.  This question is essentially yesterday’s question modified by a thesaurus.  Lucky for me, I did not answer yesterday’s question.  It was for this exact reason too.  I rarely run into tricky experiences in role-playing games (RPG) anymore.  There is a distinct reason why this is the case too.  Let us start with that.


The Reason I Rarely Experience Tricky…

I do not worry about things.  That is the simplest concept I can put out there.  Stop worrying about things.  For example, I read time and again about how the players lost their favourite character.  They lament the loss and call it unfair.  I was at a card game night on Monday and a gentleman that plays the card game but not in my RPG’s asked the players if I just like killing characters.  He reads my blogs occasionally and frequents my social media. My players defended me.

No.  Mark just lets us feel the consequences of our characters actions.

If a player character does something risky and the dice or the situation warrants it, the character dies.  Simple as that.  It is a game and players need to have that sense of risk to make the game exciting.  Mind you, death is not the only tricky thing in these games and I use it here as an example.  The rule holds true for most of them though.  Don’t worry about the tricky stuff.

Tricky Experience I Enjoyed

Keeping to my rule can be tricky though.  I can think of one experience in the past couple of years that was tricky for me.  I was set to try a game that I loved reading for the first time.  The game had a major difference to all other RPG’s I had played.  It used no dice.  That meant the results of every action, player or otherwise, was determined by the GM.  In other words, me.  The game is Lords of Gossamer and Shadow and I have done many posts on it.  But actually playing it was a huge thing for me.  That much responsibility was what caused this tricky situation.

The feeling?

Playing this game for the first time really made me feel I was missing something.  Every juncture I came to I wanted to reach for the dice.  But as I got through the first and second game I realised that this tricky feeling lessened.  I became way more confident.  I could see how things were meant to be and the narrative fell in place.  The game has an amazing setting and system.  It utilizes the Amber system which works so very well.  Admittedly, and sadly, the system does not seem to be for everyone.  I loved it very much and will be playing more of the game in the future!

Just remember, tricky things are easily overcome.  Stop worrying about the problem they create and develop a solution.  Embrace the tricky aspects of the games you play and you will learn so much about the game.  Keep rolling!

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  1. Always happy to have another go at LoGaS…


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