RPG A Day 16: Describe your plans for your next game

Well, that is a question I immediately was repelled by.  But then again, there is no harm in answering it I suppose seeing that the next game is the one I run online.  The Rise of the Runelords adventure path on Sunday night.

Fantasy Grounds at work


When I run one of these games there is either a feast of work to do or an absolute famine.  At this point, it is the latter.  I did not buy the product from Fantasy Grounds and instead add all the material myself.  The thing is I do it in large chunks.  The last time I did this was a few weeks back and it covered all of Foxglove Manor.  That is the area they are exploring and all of that material is in Fantasy Grounds already.

So what are my plans?  Probably buy a nice bottle of red before the game.  Come down to the computer two hours before and set up the server for those that want to log on a bit earlier.  Return to the computer ten minutes before the game and set up the Google Hangout.  Pour a glass of red wine and then play out the rest of Foxglove Manor.

Keep rolling!


    1. Looking forward to it and then bailing. Damn i wish i had seen this comment before last night and i would have added it to the general slagging off at you. Nice one Matt. He he he


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