RPG A Day 17: The best compliment you’ve had gaming

I don’t really like compliments.  I do not handle people giving a compliment to me well.  Give me constructive criticism any day of the week.  Compliments will send me into a spiral.  I will ask myself;

What is it they are not saying?  What did they not like?

To me, actions mean more than words.

The Visit

So I suppose the greatest compliment in my memory was one that happened this week.  I was running a card tournament (Android Netrunner Draft) and a group of the old role players from the store heard about it.  They all showed up just to say hi.  Without the store, we only catch up with a lot of work.  To see them all was weird but nice.  It showed they valued the game I ran for them and also the store meant something to them.

store front
Front of the store

A short and somewhat sweet one today.  Keep on rolling!

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