RPG A Day 2015 Day 1 RPG Knights

I like doing these RPG A Day things and so I am going to do up a “mini” post for each day that we have of it.  I have asked the other writers to contribute, or add to this post, where they can to give you an idea what all of us think.  This may or may not happen based on real life time etc. but you will get at least my thoughts on each point.  So here goes.

RPG A Day 2015 list
RPG A Day 2015!

Day 1: Forthcoming Game You Are Most Looking Forward To


Hmmmm… that is not an easy one to start with.  Thanks very much whoever came up with the list.  It is not easy largely because I have not really had my eye on forthcoming games recently.  No one has really asked for me to do many reviews on new games either BUT there are two.  One I feel is cheating because it is really very soon and we have reviewed it here.  It is of course the Cypher System core rulebook.  I am really excited to get a couple of games going with that and playing the living hell out of it to see if it is a system that I want to use in my sci-fi game next year.

But I think that there is another option here that is going to have to edge out the Cypher System.  This is because it is not released yet or on the verge of release and it is an exciting product that has a core rule book that is fully supported by a custom web software interface.  The game and software are currently in a kind of Beta phase at the moment.  The game is called Elthos and is in an open Beta phase where the author is seeking comments on the game and the software.

Cover of Elthos Beta rules
Cover of the Beta Rules – Elthos is an elegant system that combines a web softwared system to support your creations

The game itself is a simple but elegant system and provides a kind of setting itself but in reality the real push in this game is for you to design your world.  The software is there to assist you to do just that and it can be used to fully integrate your players into the game.  I have not fully gone into any depth reading the full system yet and am excited to get in and tinker with the tools so expect a full review in the nearish future of what I think of the Beta (after I have handed said comments to the author) and take a look at it yourself.  It is located at www.elthos.com.

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