RPG A Day 21: Dice mechanic that appeals to me?

Awesome!  A post where I get to talk about one of my favourite games and show off my newest dice!  What is not to love here?  At first, I was repulsed by this question but now it is going to combine two of my favourite things.  A game designed with pure fun in mind and glowing dice!  For those not in the know, I am going to use a notation that starts with a d (this stands for die) and then a number (this is how many sides it has).

The mechanic

Well, let us get the official answer out of the way.  The mechanic that I love is that found in Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC).  If you find something challenging or the situation is against you, you change the dice you roll.  A normal attack uses a d20 but the bone construct has a superior position.  Time for you to use the d18, my friend!  This is a great effect and can work in reverse.  You push the bone man to a corner and have the upper hand – use a d24!  DCC can do this because it extends the use of dice, and uses Zocchi dice.  It is called the dice chain and included d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d12, d14, d16, d20, d24, d30 and d%.  If circumstances change for the better you get to go up a dice and if for the worse down.  Obviously, the idea is to get above a certain target number in most cases.

My new dice!

Dice of Unusual Size
Dice of Unusual Size

I have bought really cheap Zocchi dice off eBay before but they always seem to miss the d16 or the d7.  Finding one when needed can be very frustrating.  So with the last order, I got a set of Dice Of Unusual Size (D.O.U.S.).  These are made by Impact Miniatures and totally have my needs covered – and then some.  On top of the dice that the Zocchi set has the D.O.U.S. come with a d9, d11, d13, d15, d17, d18, d19, d22, d26 and a d28!  Probably never get used BUT I have them if needed.  And did I mention my set glows?  You can get them in a variety of colours.  They are a touch on the expensive side though so once you source some you may be surprised!

Dice Of Unusual Size that glow!
With a bit of glow…

Seriously though…

Get into Dungeon Crawl Classics.  It is so much fun and one of my favourite games.  I would love to play this much more regularly.  Keep rolling!

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