RPG A Day 22: Which diceless system appeals to you?

I feel almost embarrassed writing this one!  Hopefully, most of my readers will realise that I wrote a sourcebook for a diceless system?  If you are new to the whole blog though I will let you in on the secret.

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow

Knights' Fables is away
One of my most loved games

Did I mention I wrote a book?  A sourcebook for the coolest diceless system ever?  I think I might of.  For all the posts I wrote for this system you can click here.  To buy the system (and you really should) click here!  They have a good bundle price.  It is based on the Amber system but in my opinion has a much better setting.  I love that the players are super-powered individuals.  Their allegiance can be with anybody or even just there own desires.  They are privy to the secrets of travelling between worlds on a Grand Stair.  They may also have the power to alter what they need when they need to.  Dice could detract from this system in a major way.  The players get to think about their actions and how they will affect the Universe they play in.

So, as I say when we are talking about Lords of Gossamer & Shadow, don’t keep rolling…

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