RPG A Day 23: Which game do you hope to play again?

This is a hard question to narrow down.  I need about eighteen thousand words and fifteen hours to write this one.  Instead, I will be as brief as I can, listing each game I would love to play again and a brief reason why.  So here goes, in no particular order.

Super Squadron Books
The supers game that wins my vote every time

Super Squadron

In my mind, this 1980’s Australian classic still does superheroes better than any other system.  I love a game about supers and so this is the one that I would love to play again.

Classic Traveller

Still my favourite version of Traveller.  I am midway through running a series of adventures based on a Pink Floyd album (Momentary Lapse Of Reason).  I would love to finish it to see how it turns out.

Stars Without Number/Silent Legions

This science-fiction game crossed with this compatible horror game is where I want to put my Cthulhu-esque horror future game.  The systems are both from Sine Nomine and make a games masters (GM) life a dream.

Cypher System

This is a stretch for the “again” category.  I did play Numenera once but hated the setting.  I got the Cypher System rulebook and always wanted to play it again.  The game is so super easy for a GM to run.  I have purchased the Fall of the Gods setting book with some other stuff.  Once that comes in maybe I will give it a run.

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow

This is seriously one of my favourite systems.  I would love to be playing this regularly.

Links to buy them…

If you are keen to pick any of these games up I have some links.  First, Super Squadron is only available in hard copy form from Australia here.  I find the best way to buy Classic Traveller is via a CD that has all official books on it which can be grabbed here.  The rest are available via Drive Thru RPG and I will simply list them by name and hyperlink their name to the product.


This says I roleplay too much!  There are perhaps another five I could have listed but I have to draw the line.  I love role playing way too much.  I love investigating the game systems just as much.  In combination, that means that I will always have a heap to say about this topic!  Keep rolling… or not – depends on the game!

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