RPG A Day 25: Game with impact on me in the past year

I so want to do a negative impact one.  The last time I did though there were people with pitchforks outside my home.  They had found a path there.  I also tend to blog whenever anything has an impact on me.  For that reason, it will come as no surprise to anyone that the game that had an impact on me was…

Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed of

The cat herding game.  I will honestly tell you the reason that this game is so popular with me.  I ran a games store up until November last year.  I ran role-playing games roughly four times a week.  In those games, it was generally unheard of for a group sitting at the table to get along.  They never wanted to do the same thing.  They would not only not want to do the same things if they weren’t doing what they wanted they were rude about it.  They became obstinate and forced people to drop from the game or for the game to end.  So, while I was doing the Free RPG Day thing I saw the Conan entry.  It was by far one of the more professional entries and so I ran it.

LivePlay Carousing in Conan

Momentum rocks

The whole momentum mechanic needs to be marketed.  It needs to be turned into a powder and fed to people.  It makes people work together, and as a side effect, nice to one another.  I wrote about this mechanic a few days ago and you can see what I said here.  I will tell you now, and if you have been paying attention you will know this, it is not my favourite game.  It just makes my job at the table managing the cats so much easier.  I love these mechanics but it is an episodic game style.  I do not like episodic game styles.  I like Conan, but I don’t love Conan.  Having read a lot of the literature now, it is not my thing.  But there are people out there that love Conan.  This is the game for you.  Modiphius, please put a generic fantasy game out there like this and I will snap it up.

Yes, it had an impact.

It allowed me to breathe and become sane again.  For that, I am eternally grateful.  Will I be playing it long term is yet to be seen.  I like to think that I will one day play the games that I enjoy.  I thought I would be doing that in my store.  How little did I really know!  Until next time, keep the momentum rolling!

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