RPG A Day 4: Most Memorable NPC

I really have a feeling that I have done this most memorable question before.  My answer has likely changed as I came across some NPC’s I had made.  What that means for this post is that I am going to provide a link to the NPC, Star Leach of Atraxia.  She is a very personal favourite of mine for the game Lords of Gossamer and Shadow game and appears in the Character Options: Characters book that I wrote for this game published through Rite Publishing.  There are three NPC’s that connect to each other that formed a meaningful dynamic personally when I wrote them.  Star was kind of the pinnacle of this triangle and the one that I had the most fun writing.  This series of blogs was suggested by the late Steve Russell who then immortalised in its own sourcebook.  Enjoy the read and don’t keep rolling in this case!

Star Leach of Atraxia
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  1. NOoooooo Gobbo was your favourite, Gobbo was awesome, Gobbo deserves to be recognised!!!!


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