RPG A Day 6

An Evolution of gaming D&D 3.5
D&D 3.5

The latest game that I have played would be my D&D 3.5 game. I have graciously taken over the role as DM for my brother who did a superb job. Now I’ve got to deliver to my players the same exact excellence as he has.  I too have come up with my own home brew campaign and it has been the most enjoyable process. One of my greatest accomplishments, building this world and creating a unique cast of characters.

Half the time we’re playing, my group and I are laughing our heads off. It just seems that comedy consumes our games, and we like it that way. We also seem to wind up in trouble a lot and have to get ourselves untangled. My gaming group is a great way to enhance my skills cause they go all over the place (literally). I never know which way they’re going to go, then bam. “Wait, hold on, I’m not prepared for that” and just like that I have to think something up. It’s a horrible nightmare, but I have to learn somehow.

My players have infiltrated the gang's hideout
My players have infiltrated the gang’s hideout

In a sense I’m not “really” playing” I’m not a “player” per say. Although as the DM I play all the roles of the NPC’s and bring them to life. There is a permanent NPC that is accompanying the party that I take control of. I role play him and make his skill checks and do combat for him, so that counts. Sir Reginald Cat, a finely dressed gentleman cat-person who brings the players through a portal into the world of Alreyah for some adventure.

I’m on pins and needles, waiting with excitement for our gaming sessions and seeing how the story unfolds. We’ve just recently changed to playing every week, which gives us more time for gaming. School season will be starting back up soon and hopefully we can coordinate or schedules and keep going like this. I’m so glad role playing is a part of my life and that I’ve met some really great people through it. As a side note I didn’t want to do some overlapping. There are some bits that I could have used, but I am saving those for other post that coincide with RPG A Day.



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