RPG A Day – Day 1 What do I love about Role Playing Games?

It is that time of year again that I love and hate.  I love the conversation and reading other peoples blogs but it is also so busy keeping up with this.  It is 11:16 P.M. on 1 August 2018 and here I am trying to sneak in before I have to write a blog again tomorrow!  Not to mention there are a lot of things I want to get reviews out on but here we go.  What do I love about Role Playing Games (RPGs)?  There are two simple answers to this question and one novel-length answer.  I am going to go with the two simple answers as I do not have time to write the novel and not many people would read it.

2018 RPG A Day

1. Discovery

I love RPG’s because I get to discover stuff.  As a Games Master (GM) I get to discover a new story that has not yet been told.  As a player, I get to discover a new character.  As a lover of the games, I get to read new games and systems and discover how other people make them.  I get to discover innovations being created by newcomers and old and apply them to my own games.  Tonight I am late to blogging because we played a kick-ass game of Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of.  It was kick-ass partly because we tried out the new Story Path cards in the game and it added a new dimension.  Will definitely be blogging about those soon!  I just love the discovery of new games, systems and stories.

2. Community

As a whole, I love the RPG community.  I deal with gamers on a daily basis and in general, they are the greatest people.  Sure, there are people that make me want to ban them from gaming but 97.73% of the time I love the people I meet gaming.  The people I game with or just the people that I discuss gaming with.  The people that interact in the blog and the people on social media.  To the people that create the big games and the people that dish out the indie creations.  I love these people.  They make me excited to read what they are up to or see them at the next game.  There are gamers that I have met that are gone now who I miss.  There are gamers that I will meet in the future who I will love to interact with.  Gaming is where my people are at and I love interacting with each and every one of you.  Even the ones that challenge me.

Overall, I just love gaming.  Every aspect.  From the dice rolls to the diceless systems.  If there is a story to be heard and uncertainty of the outcome then I want in.  I want to imagine the glorious and the gritty.  Give me the gritty glorious worlds of far-flung imaginations.  I just want to play and I love it all.  Keep on rolling!



  1. That is interesting ,in what you say , as its terribly hard to be impartial about assessing a game, especially if you love the genre or have already heard stuff about the game or system. I find myself often looking for “what’s wrong” with it rather than what’s right.


    1. Oops this one should go with day 2 my bad.


  2. Good blog! Day one was a good question. It is so hard to narrow it down to a few things. When you have that overwhelming urge to just go on and on about everything that makes RPGs just so awesome.

    I think like you the best part about this first question today was it seemed overwhelmingly people said it was this awesome community.


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