RPG A Day: Day 10

I do like it when they offer up a gimme question like Day 10!

RPG A Day 2015 list
RPG A Day 2015!

Day 10: Favourite RPG Publisher


This is a little easy for anyone that knows me.  I love Pathfinder and my favourite publisher consistently offers up interesting and usable works for me to spice up my game.  In fact, little known secret about me is that if one day I get to play in another game of Pathfinder I am dearly hoping the GM will allow me to play a Luckbringer of which this Publisher has created.

Then you may have heard that there is a little game called Lords of Gossamer and Shadow that I may have mentioned before?  Guess what?  They put out that too.  Not to mention that a little book of non-player characters that I wrote is in final layout before being release for that game in the near future by the said Publisher!

It also offered up the Demolished Ones for FATE and that was the adventure that I loved running.  In fact, that style of game is something that I would really love to hit every time I make it to the table.  Getting close to knowing who I am talking about?  One final clue then…

The owner and operator of this Publisher is one of the greatest guys to know on Google +.  He is supportive, open and just a great guy who always loves to hear a good idea run past him.  His name is Steve Russell and he is not even going to know I wrote this because he is swanning around England on holiday – and for his holidays he always stays away from work.

In two words, the RPG Publisher that I purchase a lot of products from and keep an eye on at all times is Rite Publishing.  There is even a nice surprise on the home page that I was not expecting, so go check it out! Check out the breadth and depth of their titles at RPG DriveThru and buy an item or two.  My favourites are the Secrets of Adventuring, Faces of the Tarnished Souk, Haiku of Horror, anything Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, the Breaking of Forost Nagar, the In the Company of series and the 1001 spells series and so much more!  Keep rolling.

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