RPG A Day: Day 12

Wow, favourite illustration. This is going to be fantastic and I can’t wait to see what other people come up with. Might be pushing our copyright a bit but let us see what we can come up with.

Day 12: Favourite RPG Illustration


I have seen so much RPG art in my time and this is a really difficult question to ask me.  To be fair my favourite RPG related piece of art is this that Emily Vitori did for me.  I may be biased though as it is a picture of my Pathfinder character (the one and only) Coltyn and his Eidolon Grellyk.

My summoner and Eidolon
Coltyn and Grellyk, the art I commissioned for them by Emily Vitori

By the way, I saw recently that Emily is looking for some more commissions so if you like what you see above (I have a high quality digital version but I don’t like sharing it) then you can chase her down on Google Plus at this link.  Tell her the kindly folk at RPG Knights said she is awesome!

I think that the spirit of this one is actually to do with art from an actual RPG product.  This is going to be tricky too as there is just so much of it.  And where do I go?  The black and white line art of the 80’s?  Elmore in the 90’s or the more open space that the art world has become?  Do I choose one of the images in my soon to be released book of Lords of Gossamer and Shadow in an effort of self promotion?  None of the above I think.

I have to say that Paizo and their Pathfinder game has to be given special mention.  There is so little art that I dislike and mostly it is all colour art that is very impressive.  Their covers are very cool and the artwork throughout their books is mostly stunning so a big two thumbs up for an overall art award for them.  However it does not get my vote.

In fact, there is one piece of art that stays with me over the past two years and it is a piece of art that I saw shared around social media that attracted me to buy in big with the Kickstarter…  It is a piece of art that is swathed in shadow and light with creatures spilling out of a doorway from a grand stairway, battling a group of seeming humans.  It is an illustration for the game Lords of Gossamer and Shadow that is shown below.


The Dwimmerlaik bursting forth and destroying the Lords of Gossamer as they attempt to valiantly stand against the tide of much more powerful foes, present to take back the stair from the impudent invaders.  I do not know why this grabbed my attention so much but this is the piece of art that is in an actual product and honestly one of my favourite pieces of art in my gaming books to date.  Keep rolling!

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