RPG A Day: Day 13

Oooh – Day 13 is a doozy.  I do not really have time for podcasts so I very rarely, if ever listen to them.  This is likely to be a very short post…

RPG A Day 2015 list
RPG A Day 2015!

Day 13: Favourite Podcast


In all truth though I do very rarely get spare time.  If I am not teaching the kids at school I am writing/working on the blog.  If I am not writing/working on the blog I am working on the business/business plan or a new adventure.  If I am not working on the business/business plan I am gaming and if I am not gaming I am either dead, asleep or at karate.

With that idea of how my life works there are actually times where I find new things and either binge listen to them or store them all on my phone after listening to one and then never listen to them.  Of recent times I happened across a really nice guy on Twitter of all places.  I am not much of a Twitterer but sometimes it catches my attention and recently a gent who goes by the handle RPG Gamer Dad did just that.  I enjoyed the interchange and found he does a podcast and I listened to many of his episodes all at once.  I liked them a lot so RPG Gamer Dad is going down as my favourite podcast!

RPG Gamer Dad Podcast web banner
RPG Gamer Dad podcasts are pretty cool…

You can access the podcast here, find his Twitter here, his Google+ here and <shudder> his facebook here!  Check the podcast out and keep rolling.

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