RPG a Day: Day 14

We have a doozy for me today because I have so many things that are accessories that I love.  In fact, I think my head may just explode thinking of the options this week.

change made the Skull and Shackles work well
Skull and Shackles is going along quite nicely now 🙂

Day 14: Favourite RPG Accessory


Did I mention my boat?  I think I may have once or twice.  I love my boat but it is now about three years old and the humidity of living in a service station by the sea has played a little bit of havoc with the masts and crossbeams, not to mention the railing.  I really want to make another one but it was very time consuming.  If you want to drool you can always go back to the boat post and look at it in its hey day…

But no, not today.  this is not my favourite accessory at the moment.  I could call my ipad mini an RPG accessory seeing it exists only for my apps and I would not be far wrong there but no still not.  Craft like speaking I also made my GM screen which is super cool and I do love playing with that as well.  Let me see if I can find a suitable picture for it…

castle like GM screen
The screen from my side


GM screen from the front
From the front

The screen has two rolling tubes too.  One exits on the GM side and one on the players side.  They are built into the towers of the screen.  I love my GM screen but it is huge.  It is not my favourite accessory though.

Currently my favourite accessory is my All Rolled Up.  It is such a handy thing to have and so functional.  I love it so much more because it has a Tardis on the front too.  I have plans on selling these in the new store and also getting myself a few more for different games.  Here is a picture of my gaming kit with the All Rolled Up all rolled out 🙂

book and all rolled up
My gaming kit!

So there you have it.  I am keen for a challenge though so if you have found something crafty you would like to see built, let me know.  I am up for building something!  You can get All Rolled Up’s from their website!  Keep rolling (up)!

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