RPG A Day: Day 16

Longest game session ever played.  Prepare to take a trip down memory lane…

You are getting sleepy...  A.Al-m3oosherji Creative Commons
You are getting sleepy… A.Al-m3oosherji Creative Commons

Day 16: Longest Game Session Ever Played


Now I am an old bugger my games rarely go past the four hour mark.  I think the final game of the Serpent Skull was the longest game I have had in recent memory and that went a grand total of eight hours.  My younger self thumbs his nose at my current lack of endurance.

When I was sixteen we used to game in every available moment to us and it would be often that we would descend on a house and just game all weekend.  But this is not about interspersed gaming it is about one session and I can tell you that it was Mechwarrior/Battletech that takes out this title.

Friday night we arrived at my friend Chris’ house and grabbed a video to watch.  It was no doubt awful and forgettable (especially if Chris had a hand in choosing it – two words “War Party” never watch it).  After the movie Chris grabbed out his Mechwarrior material and we were into the game.  I had two characters at the time but as there were quite a few of us there I would have been playing Louis Armfeldt.  He was a Mercenary Captain with a penchant for Atlas’.  Once he obtained his own company he called it “Dogs of War”, sacrificed 5 tonne of space on his Atlas and installed a sound system where he played Pink Floyd’s “Dogs of War” as his troops waded in to battle for morale…

We were playing a pretty stock standard game that weekend except whilst running recon and a delivery mission we started getting a bunch of terrified radio calls.  The calls seemed completely out of place.  And then the clans hit us.  It was our introduction to the clans and the game went from roughly 10 P.M. on the Friday night to 11:30 on the Sunday morning.  There was vitriol and calls of “unfair” against the GM as the Clans systematically forced us into a complete route and we had to get off planet.  “Dogs of War” were nearly decimated just after securing funding for a billion dollars in mechs.  My character looked to be in all sorts of trouble.  I was working with Kurita at the time (I hate those smarmy buggers) and they were completely cold as I tried to reclaim losses due to the failure of their intel.  House Liao later dragged my butt out of the fire for some underhanded information sharing deal.

atlas vs madcat
Taken from the Mechwarrior Online Forums – the Atlas faces down the Mad Cat – much like that game session…

So there you have it.  Injection of the clans into Battletech.  I think only around a month after their source stuff came out which Chris had gotten without telling us a thing.  Around 37 hours of solid gaming with only bathroom breaks and very short food breaks.  That is my logest gaming session ever!

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