RPG A Day: Day 19

Thank goodness today’s post is much easier than yesterdays.  I sort of got caught up in the problems I have been having with my sci-fi and went a little over analytical!

RPG A Day 2015 list
RPG A Day 2015!

Day 19: Favourite Supers RPG


I love supers role playing.  It is one of my favourite genres of all time.  The first RPG that I owned was a supers game and it was a good game.  In fact, it is still the best supers game I have ever played!  To add to that it is an Australian made game written by Joe Italigano of whom I have signed copies of the game, a supplement and a module from.

The game is straight from the 1980’s and some of it is dated (like weekly wages!) but the game play is there.  You can play the kid from Kick Ass right through to Superman.  The possibilities are not endless but they are certainly not restricting to any degree.  The only place you can get this game anymore is from a comic/game store called Alternate Worlds in Melbourne.  There is no PDF to it, you just have to buy the book (and the other bits if you want) and go from there.

Super Squadron Books
The supers game that wins my vote every time

The game is, of course, Super Squadron and I seriously suggest you check it out!  Keep rolling.

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