RPG A Day Day 2 RPG Knights

OK, one¬†down, lots to go ūüôā ¬†I had hoped the next one would be a little bit simpler to answer but of course it is not.

RPG A Day 2015 list
RPG A Day 2015!

Day 2: Kickstartered game most pleased you backed


See, I told you so. ¬†Bloody difficult. ¬†I went on a Kickstarter rampage when I first found out about it, sent myself broke and am very selective about it these days, but there are many contenders for this title. ¬†The core gamer in me wants to say Earthdawn because that was once my specialty, but the Kickstarter has me a bit disappointed. ¬†I backed it with more money than I have ever backed anything on Kickstarter but because I don’t live in USA they are holding my paper goods until.. ¬†I am not sure in reality. ¬†Could be until all the books have been made and so far only one of them is in print. ¬†Sure I can download them but I really do not like reading books that I know I want to savor unless I have them in print version which means I have not really made it past page 14 of the players guide.

So it comes down to other games, and in particular two games. ¬†It is between Lords of Gossamer and Shadow or Silent Legions. ¬†I have gotten others but these are the two that leap directly to my brain and say HELLOOOOOO. ¬†Cypher System is almost as loud, but not quite. ¬†The issue I have with these two games is that I love one of them totally (Lords of Gossamer and Shadow) but can’t seem to keep a game of it going or find a game to join. ¬†Silent Legions is everything I want in a Horror genre and I can get games with it so I really have to determine what “pleased” means to me. ¬†Is pleased a game I like and can get a game of or is it just pure love?

Picture of me with the LoGaS rule book
Ah how I love this game… Let me count the ways ūüôā

And I am happy to announce that pure love wins out here for me.  Lords of Gossamer and Shadow is without a doubt the game that I am most pleased that I backed.  I got a whole heap of stretch goals from it (that I was really unaware I was getting because I am not a details kind of guy) and I have made some great friends out of it as well such as Steve Russell of Rite Publishing, Kristin, Carl, Richard and Jeff who played in the short game I ran internationally and the Aussies that played in the two sessions of the Fables game I ran.  Plus, I will one day be a published author of a supplement to this game.

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