RPG A Day: Day 20

Day 20 is a bit of a no brainer also.  I do like the easy ones – they make the harder ones all the more sweeter…

The cover image of Silent Legions

Day 20: Favourite Horror RPG


Although I have almost completed a horror game in FATE Core to play (horror in a biodome) FATE Core is not my go to game for horror.  I just wanted to prove that it could be done.  Everyone tells me that the horror genre games they have played in just have not been scary at all.  I refuse to believe that you can not do this in FATE so I am giving it a red hot go.

So what can I reach for and guarantee a great game of horror?  Well, it was released this year by Sine Nomine press and is a game that allows you to design your own particular brand of horror.  Sure, it leans toward the Lovecraftian style of horror where things are scary because they are unknown or unknowable and that is fine.  It works really well.  The other thing about this game is it builds itself up in a sandbox style environment which encourages the players to do whatever the hell they want to do and the GM will have something to go on.

So what is the game?  Silent Legions by Kevin Crawford of course.  Do yourself a favour and grab a copy.  I actually went above and beyond on this one and got a hardcover sent to me.  It is an awesome game!  Keep rolling.


  1. I’m considering the hardcover of this book too, it looks incredible. do you still play it, 6 years later? How have you found it played over time? Is it still your go-to?


    1. I am not currently playing it specifically but I am using it in a Stars Without Number game. This is basically the same system set in space. I would happily play it in a heartbeat though…


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