RPG A Day: Day 22

Well, if we are talking the perfect gaming environment we may need to be a little on the excessive side…

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Day 22: Perfect Gaming Environment


I was going to try and imagine this from a space that I have utilised in the past, but instead I am going to imagine the perfect gaming environment that I would like to have.


I prefer a round table to a degree.  I do get that people say this does cause issues with players having to crowd so let us make this table say 5 feet across.  I think that should be able to house 7 people around a table fairly easily.  In front of every player there will be a recessed circle/square/whatever in which they would be able to roll their dice, still have them visible and not throw them all over the place.

Further to that, the GM’s area will have two lower arms projecting out on either side of them that will allow for book/mini/anything storage that they need to utilise.  It is always the GM that suffers for space.


The centre of the table will have a blank white space on it and a projector on the roof will allow for a battle map (or anything really) to be projected on to the space.  Custom software will allow for players to move their computer representative minis on this space with finger drags.

Surround sound speakers will be available and the technology centre (the GM would control this) would have Syrinscape installed in it and utilise the speakers with a subwoofer built in under the table for added effect.

If we wanted to go fully sick – you could put a tablet embedded in every player space that comes loaded with their character in a fully automated character sheet that allows them to see the rules for their abilities and powers and track their resources with minimal work.


The area will need to have as few distractions as possible.  A nice snug room which focuses the players on the table and the GM with blank walls would be best.  Perhaps it needs to be built in Maxwell Smart’s Cone of Silence…  Perhaps not.

There you have it.  This would form an ideal space for me to game in.  Maybe I will make it one day!  Keep rolling…


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