RPG A Day: Day 23

Ooooh that is a tricky question – who is the evil genius behind this again?

Image of serious me
Is this the face of evil? For some GM’s it is the truth!

Day 21: Perfect Game For You


Perfect game for me? Hmm… I am going to interpret that as the game that I would do anything to be a player in.  And that is not an easy choice for me.  It really isn’t.  First let me reveal a bit about me, I am not a fun player to GM.  I always rue giving up the power of the GM roll and I ordinarily play exceptionally pig headed characters that are very controlling.  Most of the games that I have long term fond memories of are those games that I have been playing solo, that is just myself and the GM.  Even games that I do play in with others I tend to make overbearing characters, my paladin always talked about how he saved the world, with a little help from his friends if he was pushed.

So, in essence I would love the game to be a one on one game.  Next I have to think about the genre and this may come as a little surprise to some.  I really do not like fantasy overly much.  I know – I run so many fantasy games but as a player I find most of them grey, dull and all cut from the same cloth.  Nor am I overly fond of historical RPG’s though there was one game that surprised me.  Modern day espionage games I like and horror games are entertaining but I have never had a GM that really wanted to run horror.  Sci-fi is what I love and thrive on.  I so love high space opera, but not Star Wars type stuff, more stuff like Dune.

In fact, there is one series of books that would be the setting for me.  I would love to recreate the setting for this and play through it as it is where my love of science fiction was born.  The author of these books was a Canadian who passed away in 2007 and he created a quartet of books that I devoured more times than I am willing to admit.  They are known as The Last Legionary which were the books: Galactic Warlord, Deathwing Over Veynaa, Day of the Starwind, Planet of the Warlord and Young Legionary.  Young Legionary is actually not part of the quartet but was written after it and detailed the life of the main protagonist in the four books prior to him becoming the last legionnaire.

Cover of my all time favourite science fiction novel, Galactic Warlord by Douglas Hill.
Douglas Hill’s Galactic Warlord

So there you have it.  My ideal RPG is a recreation of the wonderful work of Douglas Hill and his Last Legionary Quartet.  I have to play solo too because Mark does not play nice with others 😀  Well, you wanted honest answers right!  Keep rolling!


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